How do I produce a website email address?

The number of email accounts you'll be able to setup for your domain depends on your hosting package. On the Doteasy Starter set up, you're allowed to line up up to ten domain email accounts. On the Doteasy Unlimited and Unlimited SSD a hundred plans, you'll be able to produce and manage just about unlimited range of domain email accounts.

In this article, we'll show you the way to make domain user email accounts.
Your domain admin email account

By default, after you initial signed up for your Doteasy internet hosting services, a website email account is formed for you victimization your account’s main United Statesername and parole (that’s the username and parole you have got provided us on your account services signup form). this can be your account’s admin email account and it's through this account that you simply produce extra user email accounts.

The admin email account doesn’t count towards your domain email account quota. however please don't take away the admin email account because it is required for body operations, like making and managing user email accounts. If you have got removed your admin email account, please contact United States in order that we will have it make for you.

To login to your domain email account, merely login to your Doteasy Member Zone together with your account username and parole.

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