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How do I produce a website email address?

The number of email accounts you'll be able to setup for your domain depends on your hosting package. On the Doteasy Starter set up, you're allowed to line up up to ten domain email accounts. On the Doteasy Unlimited and Unlimited SSD a hundred plans, you'll be able to produce and manage just about unlimited range of domain email accounts.

In this article, we'll show you the way to make domain user email accounts.
Your domain admin email account

By default, after you initial signed up for your Doteasy internet hosting services, a website email account is formed for you victimization your account’s main United Statesername and parole (that’s the username and parole you have got provided us on your account services signup form). this can be your account’s admin email account and it's through this account that you simply produce extra user email accounts.

The admin email account doesn’t count towards your domain email account quota. however please don't take away the admin email account because it is required for body operations, like making and managing user email accounts. If you have got removed your admin email account, please contact United States in order that we will have it make for you.

To login to your domain email account, merely login to your Doteasy Member Zone together with your account username and parole.


Many hosting packages offered these days supply customers the choice of either Associate in Nursing HDD or Associate in Nursing SSD drive. the general public pick HDD for the straightforward reason that it’s the cheaper of the 2. However, what several users don’t realise is that SSDs bring vital edges to your web site. during this post, we’ll consider the variations between 2 kinds of drive and make a case for why SSD is that the most suitable choice.

What’s the distinction between HDD and SSD onerous drives?

A hard drive is that the place wherever all a server’s information is hold on. This includes the software, your web site software system and every one your web site information and content. Any software system updates or website} changes square measure written thereto drive and once somebody visits your site, the data on the drive must be scan and processed.

On ancient HDD drives, that data is hold on on skinny, metal disks that spin at around seven,200 RPM. exploitation similar technology to a CD or optical disc, data is written thereto or scan from it employing a read/write head that hovers near to the disk’s surface.

The Achilles heel of the HDD drive is that it's engineered exploitation moving elements. At 7200 rate, a disk can spin nearly three.8 billion times during a year. Over time, this may eventually result in wear and tear and, at some purpose, its mechanical elements can begin to fail. Its alternative downside is that the speed at that information may be written and skim is proscribed by how briskly it will spin. Again, this is often a limitation caused by it exploitation mechanical technology that, in several respects, we have a tendency to initial saw with the record player.

An SSD (solid state drive) works during a fully completely different means. it's distributed with moving elements fully and, instead, stores information on interconnected nonvolatile storage chips. It will do everything that Associate in Nursing HDD drive will do, however, because it isn't dependent on how briskly a disk will spin, it performs abundant faster and while not the chance of mechanical failure.

It is the speed and dependableness of SSDs that create them additional advantageous for hosting. within the next section we’ll make a case for the advantages these arouse web site homeowners.

How SSD hosted websites like raised speed

When you use Associate in Nursing SSD drive, you increase the speed at that information may be written to and skim from your server. this implies that your web site are ready to load quicker on your users’ browsers.

The first advantage of this is often higher ranking in computer programme results. Since 2010, Google and alternative search engines have enclosed web site loading speeds as an element in their search algorithms. In their pursuit of giving users ever higher search results, they're gratifying quicker websites as a result of they provide a more robust user expertise. The reward for higher ranking, of course, is additional traffic.

As slower websites square measure being weedless out, you'll cross-check however well Google thinks your web site is performing arts by exploitation Google’s PageSpeed Insights tool. This would possibly offer you a sign of whether or not SSD could be price considering.

In addition to higher ranking, the quicker loading additionally provides your guests a more robust user expertise. Today’s web users expect instantly loading websites and haven't any patience with slow performance. If your website doesn’t load quickly, they’ll hit the rear button and go elsewhere. A one-second delay will value a business up to seven-membered of on-line turnover.

Whilst the speed of your drive might not be the sole reason for a sluggish web site, upgrading from HDD to SSD is one effective thanks to create it quicker and reap the advantages.

How SSDs improve period

As HDDs contain moving mechanical elements, they're additional in danger of failure than Associate in Nursing SSD. though HDDs square measure robustly factory-made, if yours fails, your website will go offline till a brand new drive is put in on the server and therefore the information renovated. If you don’t have your web site saved, you may lose all of your information and place your entire on-line operations in danger. HDD failures square measure expensive. If your business sells on-line, the longer you're offline the additional custom you're losing. Your company’s name might also be broken if no-one will access your website.

The lack of moving elements in Associate in Nursing SSD suggests that it's so much less vulnerable to failure. This makes it a way more reliable memory device. Indeed, it's calculable that Associate in Nursing SSD will maintain information integrity for over 2 centuries.

Of course, if you would like the simplest protection from time period, your alternative of internet host is simply as necessary because the variety of hard disc you decide on. you must hunt for a bunch that gives Associate in Nursing period guarantee of ninety nine.95% or higher, has backup (failover) servers offered just in case yours fails and protects you from hacking and malware infection.

HDDs Vs SSDs – value vs edges

Newer, higher technology continually prices additional. the worth reflects the actual fact that the businesses that developed SSD technology square measure still clawing back their R & D prices. However, the worth differentials aren't monumental. At eUKhost, as an example, you'll get shared, cloud-based WordPress hosting on SSD for as very little as £3.99 a month. Our VPS beginer packages start at £12.99 for each SSD and HDD.

What’s necessary is whether or not you think about the tiny increase in worth to be well worth the edges that SSD brings. Its speed and dependableness square measure ideally suited to assist websites rank higher and improve client engagement, 2 crucial options of a roaring web site.

You also ought to take into thought that SSDs square measure taking on from HDDs. they're currently used not simply in internet servers however in laptops, phones and plenty of alternative devices. Eventually, HDDs can become obsolete.

Best Free Responsive Blogger Templates 2018

Blogger is the oldest blogging platform still actively running. Blogger has a huge user base, most of the users are writers and personal bloggers. Blogger opened the window to the web for many people who are not tech experts on the internet.
Blogger is home for millions of bloggers around the globe. It is straightforward and easy to learn. Anyone with basic computer knowledge can easily open a blogger account and explore your creativity.
Templates are the skins for Blogger platform you can easily edit the look and feel of your blog at any time without losing any data. There are plenty of blogger templates are available on the internet, both free and paid versions are available.
In this post, we have summed up the best free blogger templates released in 2017. We will keep update this post as we found new themes so please don’t forget to follow us.


25 Wordpress Blog Themes for 2018

25 Wordpress Blog Themes for 2018

Best free blog themes for WordPress

I am Started with WordPress

First, you need to make sure that you are using the right platform. Self hosted site is the perfect platform to start your blog because it gives you more freedom and control.
It is open source and comes with support for thousands of free templates and extensions that help you grow your blog faster. See our guide on why you should use WordPress for more details.
You can use our step by step beginner’s guide on how to start a WordPress blog for detailed instructions.
Once you are up and running, it is time to choose a theme for your website. You can choose a theme from our expert selection below and then follow the instructions in our how to install a WordPress theme guide to set it up properly.
Having said that, let’s take a look at some of the best free WordPress blog themes that you can install on your website.

1. Bento

Bento is a powerful multi-purpose WordPress blog theme with tons of features. It works great with the most page builder plugins and even recommends installing one upon activation.
For a free WordPress theme, Bento comes packed with great customization options. All of them can be accessed using theme customizer.

2. Modernize

Need a blog theme with minimalist approach to design? Checkout Modernize. It is a simple WordPress blog theme with collapsible menus and it comes in one and two column layouts.
Designed to improve readability it uses clean typography and elegantly handles featured images.

3. Nisarg

Nisarg is a beautiful free WordPress blog theme. It comes with a clean layout with two navigation menus and a large full-width header image. It also supports custom backgrounds and colors.
All theme options are easily customizable using the theme customizer. It also comes with multiple post formats for videos, gallery, audio, chat, aside, quote, etc.

4. Hueman

Hueman is one of the most popular free WordPress themes. It comes with a multi-column layout and can be easily used on any kind of content rich blogs or magazine websites.
You also get support for custom headers, two column layout, full width layout, and tons of easy customization options.

5. Juno

Juno is an elegantly designed free WordPress blog theme. It allows you to easily customize colors and fonts. Juno includes features such as a slider area, masonry style blog, fully responsive design, and multiple widget areas.
It supports WooCommerce and comes with page, product, and blog post layouts.

6. Peaceful

Peaceful is a minimalist WordPress blog theme. It features a single column layout with large header image, a compact navigation menu, and beautiful featured images. It is quick and easy to setup and looks great on all devices and screen sizes.

7. Ajaira

Ajaira is a simple free blog theme for WordPress. It features a minimalist design with focus on crisp typography and beautiful featured images.
It comes with header social menu, header search bar, custom background, custom header, and colors. All theme options are easy to setup using the live theme customizer.

8. Wisteria

Wisteria is a simple WordPress blog theme with focus on beautiful typography and content. It comes with custom background, custom colors, custom header and a left sidebar.
Wisteria also has a single navigation menu on top and beautiful homepage that features your posts with custom excerpts and featured image.

9. Ribosome

Ribosome is a magazine style free WordPress blog theme. It comes with custom header, custom background, and unlimited colors. It has a single navigation menu and a social menu on the top.
Ribosome comes with a two column layout with sidebar on the right. It has six different Google Fonts, round or square thumbnails, two widgets areas at beginning and end of posts, perfect for displaying ads or related posts.

10. Poseidon

Poseidon is a free multi-purpose WordPress blog theme. Featuring a spacious layout, it comes with a full-width slider, homepage layout, and multiple page templates. The homepage layout can be easily setup using widgets.

11. SiteOrigin Unwind

SiteOrigin Unwind
SiteOrigin Unwind is a multipurpose free WordPress theme with full WooCommerce support. Designed with a minimalist style, Unwind is highly customizable using SiteOrigin Page Builder plugin. It comes with multiple layouts, custom header, background, and color support.

12. Hemingway

Hemingway is a clean WordPress blog theme featuring a two column layout, full width header image with parallax effect.
It supports custom accent color, custom logo upload, custom widgets (video, Flickr and Dribbble), page templates, etc. All theme options are quick and easy to setup.

13. Maxwell

Maxwell is a minimalistic and elegant WordPress theme. It features a clean magazine-style layout with beautiful typography. It comes with various post layouts and a gorgeous featured posts slideshow.

14. Hit

Hit is a minimalist WordPress blog theme. It features a full width header image and a two column layout. It comes with a distraction free style that is perfect for reading and showcasing your photos.

15. Writee

Writee is a free WordPress theme suitable for personal websites, travel and adventure blogs. It features a large slider on top using featured images from blog posts. It comes with multiple templates and custom widgets among many other features.

16. Libretto

Libretto is a beautiful WordPress blog theme designed specifically to showcase long form writing, stories, poetry, etc. It uses beautiful typography with Playfair Display and Libre Baskerville fonts, an elegant color scheme, and distraction free single column layout.

17. Verbosa

Verbosa is an elegantly crafted WordPress blog theme. It is designed with readability and visual appearance of your content at the center. It uses a three column layout on the homepage with two columns showing your content in a beautiful grid.

18. Flat

Flat is a modern WordPress blog theme with a two column layout. It features left sidebar with navigation menu. Large featured images, custom logo, custom background and header support.
It comes with flexible customization options that can be setup using the live theme customizer.

19. Lovecraft

Lovecraft is a clean and simple free WordPress blogging theme. It features a full-width custom header at the top and uses bold headlines for post titles. It comes with a left sidebar and one navigation menu at the top.

20. Baskerville

Baskerville is a modern and stylish WordPress blog theme. It features a large full-width header image followed by your posts presented as a grid on the homepage. It comes with gorgeous templates for single posts and pages.

21. Sanse

Looking for an incredibly fast and extremely simple WordPress blog theme? Try Sanse. This free blog theme does not support featured images and the homepage layout is just a grid of your posts with excerpts. It has three widget areas in the footer and single navigation bar at the top.

22. Magnus

Magnus is a free WordPress photography theme for bloggers. It uses featured image on each post as the fullscreen header image. The homepage layout is just featured image with post titles.
It uses a single column layout for the single posts. It has collapsible sidebar, a navigation menu on top, and supports custom headers.
You should also consider using Magnus in combination with Envira Gallery, a powerful WordPress gallery plugin.

23. Fashionistas

As the name suggests, Fashionistas is a WordPress theme for fashion and lifestyle blog. It features a light breezy design with beautiful typography and gorgeous display of featured images. It comes with two navigation menus, right sidebar, and footer widget areas.

24. Admiral

Admiral is a magazine style WordPress theme suitable for sports blogs, magazine, and news websites. It features a three column layout with two sidebars on both sides and content column in the middle.
It comes with a featured posts slideshow, a magazine homepage template, a widgetized header area, two different post layouts and support for infinite scroll.

25. Coral Dark

Coral Dark
If you are looking for a WordPress blog theme with dark background, then try Coral Dark. It comes in one-column or two-column layout with built-in slideshow. It allows you to customize fonts and colors and comes with two widget ready areas.
5 Easy Tools to Build a Website

5 Easy Tools to Build a Website

No matter how modest your launch, your business will need a web presence. Maybe you've been putting it off. After all, we weren't all put on earth to write code on the web--and hiring someone who was is expensive. Luckily, you don't have to know a thing about programming to build a respectable website these days. There are loads of affordable--even free--tools that do the grunt work for you.
You'll need a sense of what you want your website to do for your business. As long as you have a germ of an idea, the best do-it-yourself services will guide you along. You'll also find plenty of options for syncing your website with other online tools like Facebook pages, Twitter profiles, YouTube channels and PayPal accounts. It's surprisingly easy to get a simple but powerful website up and running in a few hours.
Here are our top five picks for launching your business on the web without skimping on quality.
Related: Top 10 Best Chatbot Platform Tools to Build Chatbots for Your Business

1. Yola

Image credit: Yola
What it does: Yola lets you build a basic website by picking a template and filling out a few simple forms. Once you have a rough outline, you fine-tune your site with an in-place editing tool. Yola has the goods to let you really dig into the web. You can integrate your site with an impressive list of third-party services such as Google Maps and PayPal, Flickr for photo sharing and Picnik for photo editing.
What it costs: The basic web-building tool and a address are free. For extra features, better-looking templates and the ability to use your own domain name, the Yola Silver upgrade is $100 per year.
Bottom line: If you're looking for a basic, professional site at a reasonable cost, Yola's your answer.

2. Jimdo

Image credit: Jimdo
What it does: Jimdo's free version does what a respectable website builder should do, and not much else. We suggest springing for the upgrades (which are reasonably priced) to unlock some cool business features, such as custom newsletters to keep in touch with your customers, page-view stats, PayPal stores and password-protected employees-only pages.
What it costs: Basic features and a address are free. Jimdo Pro is $5 per month. Jimdo Business is $15 per month, including unlimited data storage and online selling, two domain names and business-specific site designs.
Bottom line: The free tool isn't worth your time. But what Jimdo does well is hold your hand with nice templates and good overall tools. If you want to sink a little more effort into a site that looks and feels unique, Jimdo is your best bet.

3. WIX

Image credit: WIX
What it does: Wix lets you build a great-looking website in no time with its easy-to-use, what-you-see-is-what-you-get editor. Here's the downside: The web development tool is based on Adobe Flash, which works on most PCs but isn't supported by some mobile devices, including the all-powerful Apple iPad. If that isn't a problem for you, Wix has lots of elegant templates that are easy to customize and can fit every business need. Wix's image-heavy sites are especially great for photo galleries, which really show clients what your business can do. A new mobile tool lets you build a simple, smartphone-optimized site to reach on-the-go clients.
What it costs: The full-featured website-building tool and address are free. Paid subscriptions, which let you do things like remove ads and link a site to your own domain name, run $5 to $16 per month.
Bottom line: If you must have that slick, designed look and don't mind alienating a couple of potential users, Wix is the answer. Just be sure you understand the limits of Flash, as it can be surprisingly tricky to work with.

4. Intuit Websites

Intuit Websites
Image credit: Intuit Websites
What it does: Starting a business takes creativity, but maybe you're not the artistic type. Luckily, even the most design-challenged among us can squeeze a respectable-looking website out of Intuit's somewhat bland but reliable web-editing tool. A quick survey helps you pick a template that's based on what your business does and your goals for the website. The template sorter goes into more detail than many website builders that make you wade through thousands of templates. From there you can tinker with the look and layout, but with some quick text and picture entries you'll be well on your way to a reasonable web presence.
What it costs: The starter package is free for 30 days, then $5 per month. Business and Professional packages are $24 and $50 per month, respectively, and include features like custom domain names, online selling tools and search engine optimization. Insider's note: Intuit has several resale agreements with large telecom companies like Verizon, so don't be afraid to dig around to find a package discount.
Bottom line: This is by no means the slickest tool, but for a basic business site, Intuit isn't bad, and it's especially effective for QuickBooks users.

5. Google Sites

Google Sites
Image credit: Google Sites
What it does: This service can give you a simple Google web presence for free. But you probably don't need that when there are better, faster and easier options from the likes of Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. What Google Sites does best happens outside the public eye. With this tool you can create private, team-based websites within your business--which turns that Google Apps account of yours into a powerful business organization tool. Google Sites puts nifty collaboration tools like announcements, documents and task lists in one online location, allowing you and your colleagues to access them from anywhere. It's a great way to bring some sanity to the startup chaos.